ShopTheBOSS.com Helps Sprint Car Bandits
Series Race Safer

Dallas, TX (5/25/18) by DarinShort.com. Richard Bell, owner of
ShopTheBOSS.com is a long-time avid Sprint Car fan, car owner and
sponsor. Richard is also a big proponent of driver safety. And today,
Richard and ShopTheBOSS.com have sponsored the Sprint Car Bandits series with several track safety items:

•        Two DeWalt Porta-Band saws
•        Four Cold-Fire Extinguishers

Each of these items help, at minimum, with extricating a driver, therefore preventing a possible spinal injury, if the scenario
presents itself after a serious crash; and the other is to help cope with a methanol fire.

Richard comments: “I’ve been watching the start-up and growth of the Sprint Car Bandits series over the past three years,
and I really like the efforts that they have put forth to help contain operating costs for the race teams, all while providing
quality sprint car events to racing venues in this region.”

Bell continues by adding: “The other aspect of this safety equipment initiative with the Sprint Car Bandits is to help raise
awareness to all tracks that are racing sprint cars that they have some inherent safety needs that should to be addressed,
due to this type of racing. And if they do not presently have this equipment, they should put it at the top of their priority list.”

These new safety items will be put into use immediately at Sprint Car Bandits events, and we thank Richard and www.
ShopTheBOSS.com for their support and efforts.

More about the sponsor. The BOSS has grown into a 35,000 square foot warehouse with a staggering 1,000,000+ square
feet of flooring and home improvement inventory specifically selected to serve their pro partners and customers.

Click their weblink above or stop by 2416 Merrell Road in Dallas, Texas 75229, and they’ll be glad to show you around.

For the latest Sprint Car Bandits series info, including event information for this weekend’s SPRINT CAR MAYNIA at 81
Speedway near Wichita, click www.SprintCarBandits.com – and have a fun and safe Memorial Day holiday weekend!