Here are quick results, pics and some notes. Official results and points will be posted in the days to come - AND DON'T MISS the big Sprint Car Bandits
Championship night at LoneStar Speedway on Saturday, September 30th - complete details are posted at SprintCarBandits.com

First off, what an AMAZING transformation that has taken place at Grayson County Speedway! Mark and his staff have literally rebuilt the facility from the
ground up...from walls, fence, bank, stands, sound system, buildings, parking area...it is truly a sight to be seen.

The FANS came out in droves! It's been a decade+ since there's been a big sprint car race there - and they were treated to a wild and exciting event.

There's a bit of a 'Cowtown lip' at the top of the corners, and it gave several drivers problems; including Austin Mundie that crashed violently in the heat #2
warm up lap, then heat #2 leader Chad Wilson would meet the same fate mid-way through the race. Mundie would not be able to get the car fixed for the
feature, but Wilson would - - - and came back with a vengeance in the feature (details below).

Michelle Melton did a masterful job being up on the wheel in heat race #1 when Gary Floyd's car snap-spun directly in front of her, and she went from full
speed to instantly swerving to miss the fracas and getting the car whoa'd down as best as possible. Her car hit the outside retaining wall and ended up not
being able to rejoin the heat race, but her cat-like reflexes kept the car from being completely destroyed - it was that close to turning into a yard sale in
corner one.

If anyone was worried about passing, here's the answer to that question.

When passing points were calculated after the heats, the straight-up lineup would put 4th place heat starter Zane Lawrence on the pole, 6th place heat
starter Claud Estes III outside front row, and 8th place heat starter Michael Day inside row 2.

At the Sprint Car Bandits, we don't care for inverting, as we feel it diminishes the competition in the heats, plus it can reward drivers with a better starting
position than they deserve; so here's a clear case where our system works - as these drivers were not penalized from the starting spots they earned.

And, when the feature unfolded, there was still a ton of passing. Last place starter Chad Wilson would RACE his way to a 3rd place finish, Michael Lang
(mechanical issues in heat race) started 14th and finished 4th, and Michael Day starting 3rd would battle the first half of the race with a fast and smooth
running Zane Lawrence and come home with the win.

Zane and Michael battled it out side by side for several laps with Michael getting the lead with a big move, only to get passed back on the other end of the
track by Zane...I guess that would best be described as 'inzane' wink emoticon;) racing during that segment of the race!

Michael would secure the lead for good around lap 17 as the track took rubber, yet not one driver would lose a tire to the quickly evolving track conditions.
These young drivers are doing a masterful job racing hard, yet under control - very impressive indeed.

I found the staff and fans to be genuinely thrilled that the SCB was a part of their racing program, and there were many times where the large crowd was
very vocal in their support.

Mark (track promoter) was awesome to work with, as was James that announced the GCS divisions. And the scoring staff welcomed me in their booth to
announce the SCB...and told me afterwards they are already looking forward to our return in 2018.

I tried out the BBQ basket at the concessions stand. It was a large BBQ beef sandwich, a full size bag of chips and a 12-oz. coke. Just $5! And it was good
too...yet one other fan-friendly reason why the new GCS is on the right 'track.'

THANK YOU to everyone involved and see you at the Series Championships at LoneStar Speedway on September 30th.