Kennedale, TX (04/20/19) by DarinShort.com. The stars will align over Kennedale Speedway Park on Saturday May 18th, when the 360 C.I. NCRA Sprint Car
Bandits (SCB) series ‘DARE TO BE DIFFERENT’ Tour will electrify the ¼ mile speed plant for the only time in 2019, with the running of the Sprint Car Bandits
Spring Championship. This event was originally set for March 30th but fell due to inclement weather, and June 8th is the only date available for the series and
track for a suitable replacement, and it should work out great, as it will take place before the extreme temps of the summer arrive.

Track Promoter Tony Dycus comments: “Last year the NCRA Sprint Car Bandits series brought a great group of cars to Kennedale Speedway Park, with a
huge crowd attending the event. The weather was extreme that night with temps around 105° with a lot of wind, so we decided this year to move the show to
March 30th, which should make for an excellent racing environment for all…but then we had to postpone that date from inclement weather, so we’re pleased
both parties could come up with a suitable replacement date with June 8th. And we’re holding the line on ticket pricing. Adults can get in to see this event for
just $16 so more families can afford to take it in!”

Pit Gates open at 4pm on race day, Saturday June 8th, with racing at 7pm. Grandstands open at 5pm. KSP divisions will round out the very full night of racing,
including IMCA Modifieds, SportMods, Stock Cars & Sport Compact divisions; plus the Factory Stocks and Dwarf Cars. The SCB are slated to run 2nd or 3rd
division out for the feature event.

RACE FANS: Make plans to arrive early at the track to take in the pre-race Sprint Car Bandits “Fierce 15” Fan Fest! It will take place directly next to the main
ticket window from 5:30pm until just after 6pm. There, you can meet the drivers of the Fierce 15, get selfies, purchase their 2019 t-shirt designs (get them
autographed!) and get a good close look at the cars.

SCB Fan Fest is an effort to help sprint car racing get back to the good ‘ol days when there was generally more fan interaction with the race teams. Back then
it was common for most of the fans to go to the pits after the races to meet with the teams, and now in many cases the races at tracks don’t finish in time to
make that feasible. This is an effort to fire back up that interaction by simply flipping the timing element. Pre-race Fan Fest will take place at every SCB series
event in 2019.

If you’d like to get your brand new Fierce 15 driver t-shirts prior to Fan Fest, the new online store at www.SprintCarBandits.com  has them for sale right now.
Proceeds from Fierce 15 driver apparel benefits each individual driver that is a part of the program, so please show your support by grabbing one when you
can...and your support will help drivers better funded throughout the season.

The following drivers make up the 2019 Sprint Car Bandits Fierce 15 and will be competing for added money for their support of the series: Colby Estes,
Michael Day, Claud Estes III, Dalton Stevens, Scott Evans, Chance McCrary, Dale Wester, Junior Jenkins, Cody Hall, Josh Hawkins, Casey Burkham, Steve
McMackin, Will Eggimann, Mark Zoeller and Mark Huddleston. Fans can expect to see these drivers competing in 2019 Sprint Car Bandits series events, along
with any eligible sprint car driver that chooses to race with the series on a night-to-night basis – as was the case in previous seasons. Drivers interested in the
Sprint Car Bandits Fierce 15 program can contact SprintCarBandits@outlook.com for additional information.

Kennedale Speedway Park (KSP) is located at 6727 Hudson Village Creek Kennedale, TX 76060. Click www.raceKSP.com for complete track details. You can
email raceKSP@yahoo.com or Track Promoter Tony Dycus at Tony.Dycus@yahoo.com if you need additional information. By searching ‘Kennedale
Speedway Park’ on Facebook, you can check out the very latest in track updates, pictures and much more.

SPRINT CAR TEAMS: Standard SCB posted rules are in effect. Eligible sprint car teams of 360C.I. or lower not familiar with SCB series rules or structures
should go to www.SprintCarBandits.com prior to arrival for complete rules and procedures information, so their car is ready for action when they arrive at the
track on race day. Eligibility rules are also posted on the rules page, contact the series with any questions. No entry fee or series membership fee is required;
just a $20 draw-in fee. Draw-in will start at 5pm with the drivers meeting at 5:10pm, then it’s off to Fan Fest which starts at 5:30pm.

All sprint car teams that sign in will draw for heat race starting positions, regardless of their engine C.I. displacement (up to and including 360C.I.) and will
receive passing points to determine their straight-up from points feature race starting position. All drivers make sure to read the posted rules at the series
website prior to heading to the track.

The standard posted SCB purse and rules are in effect. All non-qualifiers or non-starters will each receive $100. There is no entry fee, no series membership
fee and a $20 nightly draw fee. Drivers must go to www.SprintCarBandits.com prior to arrival for complete rules, purse and procedures information.

This is also scheduled to be the second event of the www.SmileysRacing.com 4 Pack Bonus that awards the SCB Fierce 15 teams with added bonus money,
paid out for their support of the Series in increments of each ‘4 Pack’ of SCB events completed throughout the season. More details are posted at the series

Click www.SprintCarBandits.com for all series info, and we look forward to seeing you Saturday June 8th when the Sprint Car Bandits ‘DARE TO BE
DIFFERENT’ Tour electrifies the ¼ mile oval of Kennedale Speedway Park for the only time 360C.I. sprint cars will be racing there in 2019!